Louis Vuitton: A Brand of Flair and Fashion

Louis Vuitton is a name brand that doesn't need any further introduction. Everyone already heard

of the name. It's a name that's identified with fashion and luxury items. The Louis Vuitton brand is mostly known for its bags; but do you know it also offers stuff as varied as small leather items and jewelry?

There is a whole list of stuff that's categorized in Louis Vuitton's small leather items. These usually include variety of items like wallets, coin purses, card and key holders, cosmetic cases, agenda covers, pet accessories, laptop sleeves, mobile phone cases, passport covers and sunglasses cases. All of these small leather items feature the signature LV logo and design. Most of the items is also monogrammed so it is very unlikely to find a piece of jewelry that would not carry the famous letters or checked patterns.

As for its jewelry line, the brand boasts of wide-ranging jewelry like rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, necklaces and pendants.  Louis Vuitton has timeless jewelry collections like Louis Vuitton EarringLes Ardentes, Charmes, Empreinte and Monogram, among others - all of which are designed to dazzle and captivate.

As expected for something as prestigious and luxurious as Louis Vuitton, these items come at hefty prices. For example, something as simple as a sunglasses case would cost $200; while a passport cover would cost around $300. Anything with a Louis Vuitton name would command such a hefty sum. And that's why some people would rather go online to browse for good deals on designer item, such as used IT bags or other original Louis Vuitton product they were lusting after.

Not that I can blame them; with the big price difference, you can see the logic of their choice. And it certainly helps that there are a number of online stores that sell or exchange beautiful designer bags. These shoppers take advantage of good and fashionable designs - without the high cost attached to it. Still people love this brand and their products are in high demand.



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