LV Speedy

Louis Vuitton is one of the most recognizable brands around the globe. Being part of a huge fashion and luxury products' conglomerate, this French label has found a way to remain at the top of the industry and be the one everyone talks about for more than 150 years.

Right now the huge hype after the LV was cleverly advertised in movies and "as seen on celebrities" (in around 2000), has been lost together with the status of elite fashion brand, however Vuitton strongly remains one of the mainstream luxury labels and one with a very vast handbag offer in all styles, shapes, sizes and shades imaginable. Needing a small pouch - LV has them, looking for a roomy shopper, see the latest addition to the collection, looking for a great office bag or laptop case, just look through Louis Vuitton web page. What is also great is that the LV bags (also LV bag sales) happens online and thus buying a purse is very easy and convenient for every shopper. Here is the description of two top purses made by this fashion house.

LV Speedy has five sizes (Speedy 25, 30, 35, 40 and Speedy 45 Voyage edition, as well as Sofia Coppola collection model). The most popular model is the Speedy 30 as the size is just perfect, neither too big, nor too small. The monogrammed canvas is in the traditional style of LV Murakami Black Speedy 30the Louis Vuitton and the material is quite durable, so you do not risk scratching the purse easily. Also the style goes very well for almost every occasion of life - take the Speedy as an office purse, buy it for weekends or use for shopping.

The price of this Louis Vuitton bag makes it accessible, the small handbag, such as Speedy 25 will cost around 600 dollars, but the bigger purse, such as Speedy Voyage 45 will go for about 1500 USD - quite an adequate price for this popular purse. LV Speedy 30 can cost from 700 USD to more than 2000 USD depending on the material and model.

Everyone is looking for a Speedy sale to get an authentic handbag with a smaller price. Unfortunately there are also Speedy 30 replicas sold so the safest choice is to purchase the desired designer handbag on sale from the brand's web page and from original manufacturer, thus you will avoid fakes and get better price on original product.

LV Neverful


Louis Vuitton NeverfullLouis Vuitton Neverfull tote is sold in three models/sizes

Neverfull GM, MM and Neverfull PM. This is the most popular tote: the so called shopper or weekender handbag from this label and a very versatile purse as well that can be used for shopping, going out or can be taken as a functional weekender or office bag. The brand is reputable of the quality so the relatively high price you pay will ensure the product is lasting.

The GM size is as follows - 15.5 inches length, 12.8 inches is the height and it is 7.9 inches deep. This is the largest model of this handbag. And all of the LV Neverfull purses have the key rings inside, the hardware is made of golden brass. Also they have leather trimmings and beautiful textile interiors in various shades.

Neverfull MM is a medium size of this LV bag. And the dimensions are: length - 12.6 inches, height - 11.4 inches and depth 6.7 inches. This model has a gorgeous interior in deep burgundy shade that supplements the Damier Canvas. You can also purchase this models and size in Damier Azur collection and the inside textile is in light beige color. The purse costs around 700 USD and is considered one of the top models among the large branded purses. This is also one of those brand bags that are awaited on sale.


Neverfull PM is the smallest from this handbag line and its sizing is such: length 11.4, height 8.6 and depth is 5.1 inches. It also has laces to shape the purse into desired. This purse costs 650 USD. It also has large opening for fitting the things into it and also featured the typical details of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull - leather trimming, traditional brass hardware and key ring (like all other models of this bag).


This handbag, as well as other LV purses can be found on LV sale. The brand has considerable expanded since the original luggage bag manufacturing and there are jewelry items, watches, sunglasses, belts and scarves and a whole range of leather products, including footwear and plentiful of leather luggage and various totes and hobos.

If you want a good quality leather or canvas handbag, LV is one of the most popular choices nowadays. What is great is that there are plenty of choices in terms of leathers, materials, colors, sizes and shapes. From classic Alma to more funky small satchels, the offer is vast and offers quality and trendy French designs. Also this brand is maintaining its expensive and luxury products reputation and they will not have Bags for sale. If the price for a daily purse is too high, then you can always go for a smaller satchel or wallet or beautiful Louis Vuitton jewelry. What is absolutely amazing is that the few most popular models, such as Speedy or Neverfull or Alma are still one of their best selling products. It means that they are time proof and customers love them. The brand has also added more purses to their lines but somehow only a few of them have gained their status as icon bags.



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