Nancy Gonzalez history

Nancy Gonzalez is a Colombian designer. Her purses are characterized by rich textures, clean and

beautiful designs, use of bright colors. These purses, although very expensive and glamorous, still have some basic raw appeal that comes from the leather choice. Only the most exquisite and exotic ones are used - crocodile, ostrich, snakeskin, for example python. The main signature leather still remains the crocodile leather that looks amazing, when crafted into classic shapes and dyed in bright and daring shades. The purse look is usually very minimalism inspired, no visible or shiny hardware or many details in general. The main emphasis are the silhouettes and the exotic leathers. This is definitely a "less is more" approach and it works perfectly - every single of Nancy Gonzalez bags are pure beauties.

Nancy Gonzalez first debut in the United States happened in 1998, when she signed a contract with fashion retailer Bergdorf Goodman to sell few of her purses. The bags altogether were seven. The current handbag collections today from this magnificent designer have more than 150 models in more than 200 shades. The color choice is absolutely amazing, especially for the clutch bags.

Nancy Gonzalez toteNancy Gonzalez website also states that she is promoting employment of women in her manufacturing plants in Colombia and to make the life easier for them, she is also providing day care for the children, while mothers are working. This adds even more appeal to the brand as it is not only trying to make money, but also contributes to the society.

For her professional achievements she has also received awards, for example, Brand of The Year in 2007. Her handbags are dedicated to modern women, who love luxury, classic and clean designs.

Nancy Gonzalez sample sale is an event, where the handbags that were exhibited as samples are sold at a lower price. This happening usually attracts crowds, as the articles from this brand are not cheap and the sample sale gives a chance to buy the products with significant discounts. This is the most advisable way to get an original designer handbag, as it considerably reduces chances of getting a fake product. Unfortunately at this point the brand is not selling handbags directly via their web page, only through authorizes representatives that are mentioned on site.

Nancy Gonzalez tote

Nancy Gonzalez toteThis purse is amazing and eye-catching. The silver shade of this crocodile leather tote adds an extra elegant touch. This tote has been equipped with two double leather handles. The bag is closed with a zipper. The inside of the tote has a suede lining in white. The interior is also provided with double pockets, one of which is zipped. This tote also features a detachable shoulder strap.

Dimensions of the purse are 29 cm in width, 22 cm in height and 10 cm is the depth. The size in inches is this - 11.4 inches, 8.7 inches and 3.9 inches.

The purse, as all of the accessories can be purchased at most major luxury stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods and other. The respective e-stores of these fashion shops also carry the most of the current collections by this amazing designer. The shipping rates and times depend on a particular retailer. You can also wait for the Nancy Gonzalez sample sale to see what purses have discounts. Read more on Gonzalez bags

At the you will even find Gonzalez bags on sale, so for a very pretty pearl/green python shopper tote you will pay 30% less. The price will still be high but much more affordable than before (price before was 4700 USD - now 3300 USD).


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