Be fashionable with the famous Hermes scarf

Hermes silk scarfDo you know that a basic Hermes scarf would fetch around $400 and a silk purse will set you back

more than a couple thousand bucks? Amazing, isn't it? But if you consider the painstaking process and the creative genius that it took to produce these products, you can probably get your head around the price.


For example, a Hermes scarf is made from silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. Think about it. And as if that's not enough, these scarves feature hand-stitched hems. So, the next time you're looking at a Hermes silk scarf, know that you are looking at an excellent product of craftsmanship. These scarves are available in different motifs and great for different occasions.


Aside from scarves, Hermes also offers matching silk purses. Some purses in their collection, like the Catenina silk bag actually sell for $5000. It's brilliant, really; if people are willing to buy a $5000 silk bag, why not string them along with matching silk scarf for a couple hundreds of dollars more? And Hermes is certainly justified to do just that since it has long established its name as one of the top luxury brand. And wealthy people have placed high perceived value on such brands. This is one segment of their business that is affordable to most people and the quality is impeccable in every detail - from gorgeous designs to the smallest stitches and packaging.


However, that does not take to mean that you can't take advantage of the fashion genius behind these designer labels. You can still do so by getting these products on secondary market. It still will be the same thing but you will save some money; it's still very fashionable while easy on the budget.

If you want to purchase an original Hermes scarf and bag, you can always do so online. You can browse through a wide array of their collection with just the click of a button. Not to mention, you're doing away with the hassle it takes when you have to go to a physical store yourself.





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